GHD Unplugged: King of the Styler jungle

person Posted By: Kristina Drljaca

The King of hair styler jungle is here and it makes all the other stylers looks like common house cats.

Hands up whoever is familiar with this scene:

You are going out with friends, and of course, you are fashionably late. After all, they all notice you when you walk in late looking amazing with that fresh hairstyle. Only downside? You changed 5 outfits until you left the house, you had to touch up your makeup twice and after all that running your hairstyle started giving up on life. Since you are so late and have no time for a touch up, you tell yourself it will look like effortless chic and nobody will notice. But you know they will, baby.

After all the waiting, GHD and Chiara Ferragni have the solution for you. It turns all of the complications of getting ready into simplicity itself.

USB-C charging:
Charge in just two hours from your laptop, your car or any USB-C socket. This makes your styler perfect for travel or keeping in your desk at work for those sneaky after work nights out.

Smart battery level indicator:
Keep track of your charge with the battery life indicator, each light representing 20% of charge.

Heat protective case included:
Because your styler is perfect for on-the-go, the heat protective case is crucial. The last thing you want is to pop a hot styler back into your handbag before it's had a chance to cool down - the case that comes with the Unplugged solves this problem!

Sleep mode:
The styler switches off automatically after 3 minutes of non-usage to preserve battery life and to give you extra piece of mind when popping it back into its case.

Battery warning:
The Unplugged makes a noise and starts flashing when there is 15% of charge left so you are not caught out.

Let’s face it, Dior micro bag is cute, but us girls have to have a bag which fits all the essentials. And GHD Unplugged definitely goes at the top of that category. Because effortless chic takes the most effort, am I right?

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