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BABYLISS PRO SkeletonFX 4artists Professional Precision Trimmer

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If you are an artist-barber, artist-hairdresser or if you require perfect visibility during precision cutting, drawing, tattooing work, will you discover why the SkeletonFX is made for you?

We have all already been confronted with a lack of visibility during precision cutting work because of the shape of the cutting head which partially obscures our view. The SkeletonFX - FX7870GE is a professional trimmer designed with detail and precision in mind.

Discover the 3 advantages of its special cutting head:

  • Total visibility, whatever the position of the mower, thanks to its visible blade guaranteeing a 360 ° vision.
  • Less prone to heating, nothing around retains the heat.
  • Its zero-adjustable blade makes it easy to clean cut without having to detach it from the mower body.

This neatly designed mower is also very powerful and optimal ergonomics give it a perfect balance. Ultra resistant and 100% professional, it has a 40 mm DLC / Titanium T-blade, adjustable to zero (for clear cuts) and an EDM TECHNOLOGY * engine developed in collaboration with FERRARI, guaranteeing high performance, power and cutting precision. An exceptional autonomy of 2 hours reached in an ultra fast charging time thanks to a Lithium-ion battery.

Zero-adjustable DLC / Titanium precision blade for performing clear cuts. Perfect for finishing work, tracing the neck and beard as well as the contour of the ears, for drawing, hair tattooing. It is perfect for fine lines and creative, high-precision work. its visible blade at 360 ° to offer perfect visibility whatever the position of the mower.

Its ingenious zero adjustment tool is specially designed to adjust the blade to zero without having to detach it from the mower.

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Features :

  • Visible “T” blade, adjustable to zero DLC / Titanium
  • EDM TECHNOLOGY digital motor
  • 7200 blade movements per minute
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Autonomy: 2 hours
  • Operation indicator light:> RED indicator flashing = charging> RED indicator steady = full charge> RED indicator flashing rapidly = 10 minutes of battery life remaining
  • Zero blade adjustment tool
  • Lubricating oil and cleaning brush

High performance, power and cutting precision guaranteed by a digital motor controlled by high torque electronics. The technological advance represented by a digital motor managed by electronics allows it to be lighter, to be more energy efficient, to have a much longer lifespan, to generate less vibrations and noise pollution. It works with or without wires at the same high power level. This machine is ideal for all hair types.

The rugged, all-metal SkeletonFX body is built for heavy-duty use and offers 100% professional reliability. Ultra-fast total charge achieved in just 3 hours and 2 hours of continuous runtime guarantee you maximum flexibility, time savings and even more efficiency in your work. Universal voltage allows you to use it all over the world.

The design of the mower has been scientifically studied to offer total balance and perfect ergonomics. The grooved and non-slip texture of the handle guarantees a secure grip as well as great comfort in use. A true concentrate of technology, the SkeletonFX is light and very quiet.

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