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WAAM White Clay Kaolinite

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Face, Body and Hair

White clay is perfect for detoxifying, invigorating and hydrating the skin. It fits into all your beauty treatments to take care of you.

Uses : Absorb and remove impurities from the skin, make hair masks

Indications : Sensitive skin, dry, irritated skin, oily to dry hair

Detoxifying, absorbent and healing!

Of all the clays, kaolinite is by far the best performing in the fields of well-being and cosmetics. Resulting from the decomposition of granite rocks, it is particularly healing and anti-inflammatory.

It is one of the most beneficial treatments for dry and fragile skin as well as devitalized hair. Rich in silica in particular, white kaolinite clay remineralizes and promotes the elimination of toxins. It has the ability to micro-exfoliate the skin while remineralizing the epidermis.

It is perfectly well tolerated even for very sensitive and intolerant skin. Its healing and antiseptic properties make it a very popular treatment for irritated skin.

White kaolinite clay can also be used as a hair mask.



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INCI : Kaolin

Names : Kaolinite, Kaolin

Origin : France

Method of production : The drying is carried out in a rotary dryer. Grinding can then be carried out.

Composition : Natural silicate, complex of aluminum, iron and magnesium

Solubility : Miscible in water and oil

Texture / Odor : Whitish powder

Packaging : 150g PET jar with plastic lid.

Storage : In a cool, dry and ventilated place, far from a source of heat and humidity and protected from light. In its original, closed packaging.


Skin and hair revitalizing mask : In a container, put white clay and water (mineral or floral), mix until obtaining a creamy and smooth paste.

Spread on the skin and / or hair (preferably with a brush) and leave on for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with clear water.

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WAAM White Clay Kaolinite
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