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The 1st STEP to take care of your beautiful face!

Dust, pollution, sweat, stress ... so many aggressions that affect our beautiful face on a daily basis. That is why cleaning it is PRI-MOR-DIAL.

And because we have thought of all those who wear a 3-day beard (and even 15-20 days!) And who want to simplify their life, our cleanser is "2in1" face + hair. Class no?

  • Eliminates impurities and toxins, cleanses and refreshes the skin of the face as well as the hairs for those who wear a beard from 3 days to 20 days.
  • Brings suppleness and softness to the skin and hair, in particular thanks to the super powers of the micro algae Rhodella.
  • In short , effectively cleaning your face has never been so easy and fun. And that's good, because it's step # 1 to maintain it!


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For which guy?

- Shave by: ideally suited, in particular with use before shaving to clean the pores and other impurities and thus facilitate the passage of the blade or of the mower.

- Short beard : the holy grail ... This 2in1 cleanser has been developed for the face and short beard (from 3 to 20 days)!

- Medium and long beard : Use the cleansing gel on the skin only (forehead, nose, upper cheeks and neck). For the beard, opt for the No-Rinse Beard Cleansing Foam. Face cleanser + Beard cleansing foam without rinsing, it's the winning combo!

- 2in1 skin + short beard, with a single product, the facial skin is cleaned as well as the hairs for beards with short hairs (from 3 to 20 days).

- Gentle, detoxifying and moisturizing , for deep cleansing, but without drying out the skin and hair… we say thank you to the Rhodella micro algae!

- Fresh Effect for a feeling of freshness ... a real treat;)

- Subtle and fresh fragrance , iodized with a hint of bergamot, but discreet enough to add your favorite perfume or eau de toilette.

- Its clean formulation : 95% natural, vegan, refillable, Yuka friendly and made in France.

- Refillable : Glass bottle refillable thanks to the eco-refills.


  • For guys who are clean shaven or with a short beard , wet the entire face, then apply a dab of cleansing gel massaging the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. Feel the sensation of intense freshness of the Fresh Effect invade your face and your mind, then rinse thoroughly.
  • For handsome , bearded kids, wet and clean only the forehead, nose and upper cheeks. To clean the beard, opt instead for the beard cleansing foam without rinsing;)
  • A 90ml bottle of face and short beard cleansing gel allows you to clean your face once a day for at least one month.
  • Once the bottle is finished, simply top up with the Ecorecharge Facial Cleansing Gel [& Short Beard]

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