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WAAM Rhassoul Moroccan


Face, Body and Hair

Rhassoul succeeds in purifying the skin, cleaning it and regulating sebum. Can be used on the skin as well as the hair, it is suitable for everyone.

Uses: Purify, cleanse and tighten facial pores, absorb excess sebum, wash and strengthen hair

Indications: All skin types, especially oily skin. Oily, fine hair, lacking in volume



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Purifying, clarifying and softening! Originally from Morocco, where it is extracted in a unique quarry on the edge of the Middle Atlas, about 200 km from the city of Fez, Rhassoul has been used for several centuries by oriental women to gently care for and cleanse their hair and skin. It was already the object, in the Middle Ages, of a trade in all the East.

The word "Rhassoul" means in Arabic "to wash", because this clayey soil is saponiferous, that is to say it contains a large quantity of natural foaming saponins. Its washing action is totally different from that of a shampoo or a soap. Indeed, instead of chemically modifying the surface tension of the water (= surfactant), the washing action of Rhassoul is purely physical. Among all the clays, Rhassoul is the one with the lowest aluminum oxide and calcium oxide content. This unique characteristic makes it an ideal clay for making masks.

Rhassoul is indicated for all types of skin: oily, dry, irritated, normal, sensitive, reactive, etc. It cleanses the skin in depth, without attacking it. It eliminates all impurities, particularly blackheads due to sebum. Rhassoul emulsifies naturally with water, it absorbs impurities and excess sebum without attacking the protective lipid film of the skin. Rhassoul is also indicated for dry and devitalized hair, dandruff and scalp irritations. It does not attack the protective sheath of the hair.

Known for centuries for its cleansing and purifying properties, this clay will also delight oily scalps for which it absorbs sebum and gently cleanses the hair, without attacking it. The hair regains shine, suppleness and tone.

The benefits of this product:

Face : Cleanses the skin / Purifies the skin / Soothes and heals the skin / Absorbs and regulates excess sebum / Eliminates impurities

Hair : Soothes the scalp / Gently cleanses the hair / Absorbs, regulates excess sebum and purifies the scalp

How to use it ?

Face or hair mask: Complete and multi-use care, just mix the rhassoul with a little hot water to take advantage of all its properties whether on the skin or on the hair.

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